The new Minbox


In 1984, Steve Jobs pulled the first Macintosh computer out of a bag and onto a podium at the Flint Center in Cupertino. And boom, the crowd went crazy, not just because the Mac's form factor was incredible, but also because of the next-generation operating system that he revealed for the first time.

The number of innovations that were packed into that one machine was astounding, but what might be more unbelievable is that many of those dated concepts are still in use today...

Mac OS

The Finder

The component of the original Mac System Software that let you browse the local file system was dubbed the 'Finder' and because all your files were on your hard drive, it did a relatively good job of keeping everything organized and accessible.

But now, 30 years later, the Finder isn't really relevant anymore. Files have moved to the cloud—trapped in a multitude of apps and services—and as a result, saving to the desktop is happening less and less. Because of this, getting work done and collaborating with others has become extremely disorganized and chaotic...

The new Minbox

Today, we're releasing the new Minbox to help companies manage and share their files the way the Finder used to, but now for your cloud files. Add all types of content—cloud documents, videos, links, whatever—to Minbox and finally group together files in a way that's never been done before.

The new Minbox goes beyond organization as a powerful collaboration tool, making it easier than ever to share internally within your company or externally to clients and collaborators. Gone are the days of sending emails with a list of links and attachments. Now, just create a Minbox folder or project, add your stuff and send the link.

Yes, many may have tried this before, but not quite like this. We've labored over ever pixel and every interaction to make Minbox an enterprise tool that feels like no other. Share folders with beautiful custom covers, paste links to cloud content right into Minbox (try it!), create custom-branded private (or public) projects, comment and annotate in real-time and so much more.


It's time for a change. The way we work hasn't evolved as quickly as the tools we use. The explosion of apps and cloud services in the last few years has been phenomenal but with it came a fragmented mess of data and workflows. We're excited for what's to come. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks and please send us your feedback, we're always listening.

— The Minbox Team