Minbox for Mac

Mac Upload

The new Minbox for Mac is here and will change the way you work... and it's free (view our plans to learn more).

The old Minbox Mac app was a tad different: It allowed you share files via email, but grabbing a link to a file was a bit tricky. The new Minbox for OSX lets you grab a link INSTANTLY to any file or group of files. Just drag and drop onto the menu bar icon and a link will be copied to your clipboard—before the upload even finishes. So while the recipient can't view the file until it finishes, you can at least use and share the link right away.

And what's the area to the right of the link dropzone, you ask? That's the instant way to share files with your team. Drop files there and they'll go in your company folder.


Screenshot uploading

The old app did screenshot uploading, so no big changes here. You can take a screenshot and the new Mac app will upload the screenshot and then post a shareable short-link to your clipboard.

Slack + Minbox

Pasting links into Slack now works a bit better than usual. Any file or screenshot link pasted into Slack will reveal a large preview of the file instead of just the link. We're hoping to improve this a bit more down the road. If you want to help us speed this up, write to Slack directly here.


The new Mac also ties in native notifications so you can see what's happening in your Minbox as they happen. For instance, if someone views or downloads one of your files, you'll be notified. If someone comments on a file or in a project, you'll know too. Almost all activity will appear in real-time.


We've disabled the need for Minbox to live in the Dock. That way, it can just sit in your menu bar only. To do so, open Preference and check the 'Hide Minbox icon from Dock' option:

Dock Settings

Once that is checked, you'll be prompted to confirm:

Dock Confirm

Clicking 'Save & Quit' will quit Minbox. You then have to relaunch it and you'll see that there isn't a Dock icon any more. To switch Minbox back to show the Dock icon, press CTRL-CMD-P and the pref pane will re-appear.

You can download it for free here.

Keep in mind it's only supported on Yosemite and El Capitan at the moment. If you're on older versions of OSX, apologies!