At Minbox, we're constantly striving to make the best possible file sharing and collaborative experience on the planet. A big part of that is making the boring download links and lists of files we all use everyday and making them suck a little less. Our vision is one where working together isn't just functional but beautiful and delightful at the same time.

Introducing Covers, a quick and easy way to add a beautiful customized cover page to any file or folder you share. Add your own custom background, brand color, logo and title to whatever you're collaborating on. You can even lock it with a password for extra privacy as well...

Getting started

Click the Covers button (looks like two overlapping rectangles) and you’ll see a popover menu appear to enable Cover mode for that specific file or folder. Once enabled, the button will turn green and a separate sharable link will appear. You can also lock the contents of that file or folder by requiring a password. Clicking Open Cover will just open the link in a new tab.

Make it beautiful

To customize your Cover, click the black Edit Cover button in the top right corner (if your cover is locked, you must unlock it first before editing).

From there, you'll be able to change the background image. You can upload your own, choose from one of our stock images, or pick a color. If you choose an image, you can use the 'Darken background' slider to make the logo, title and buttons more visible.

You can also change the logo on each Cover. Just upload your own or choose from some stock options and then size to your liking.

To edit the cover's title and subtitle, click to edit in place. Don't want either of them to appear? Just delete the contents and they'll be removed.

To see the final state, click Done editing

Covers look great on mobile as well. While you can't create or edit a Cover on mobile, recipients can view it on any modern mobile browser.

Why this matters

When you're sharing your work with others, presentation is everything. Dumping a download link into an email is the bare minimum. If a client or colleague is receiving something from you, it better be awesome. You should take every opportunity to impress and enhance your brand. Covers are a great first step in that direction.

We hope you enjoy this feature. Let us know what you think! Tweet @minbox or email us.